Ramadhan Talk – 10 days and 10 nights (Wednesday 11 October 2006)

Assalamu Alaykum

The University of Manchester Islamic Society Brings you the following event:

Inspiring talk Entitled “10 days and 10 Nights”, the event will take place this coming Wednesday 11th Oct from 2pm- 5pm in the Roscoe Building (off of Oxford Rd ) in lecture theatre ‘B’.

Ramadhan Talk - 10 days and 10 nights (Wednesday 11 October 2006)

For further information contact:
– Br Ismael, [email protected]
– Sr Rabia, [email protected]

WaSalamu Alaykum

“Remembering the Beloved”

"Remembering the Beloved"

A national Sirah Tour organised by the Federation of Student Islamic Societies and Islamic Institute for Development and research. The tour aims to highlight the different dimensions of the life of the prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. A diverse and unique line-up of local and international speakers will address different topics such as the Prophetic legacy and Humour of the Prophet peace be upon him. The program will also include exclusive video clips, scholarly advice, recitation and poetry.

Imam Suhaib Webb (USA), Imam Yassir Fazaga (USA), Shaykh Zakariya Siddiqi (France), Abdur-Rahaman Helbawi (UK), Bara Al-Ghannouchi (UK), Hasan Al-Banna (UK)
Date and Time:-
Thursday 23rd March 6:30 pm
Roscoe Lecture Theatre A
£5 Per Ticket – Tickets can be purchased from both prayer rooms after Jumma or by calling 07849 786 341

for more information visit University of Manchester Islamic Society.

Friday Khutbah (24 Feb 2006)

This week we bring you the Friday Khutbah from the Islamic Academy of Manchester.

Hazrat Syidi Ahmad Dabbaagh deliverying the khutbah on days fitnah and trails. Highlighting the ways of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and trails that Sahabah (ra) faced. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) has given us all the solution to the every problem and test that are faced by many of us in our life.


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