Urgent Bangladesh Cyclone Appeal

Urgent Bangladesh Cyclone Appeal

.More than 3,500 people have lost their lives and the death toll is rising by the hour. The full effects of Cyclone Sidr are becoming more apparent with tens of thousands of homes destroyed and millions of people left homeless. Human Appeal International (HAI) has extensive knowledge and expertise in working in the South of Bangladesh. Over the past several years HAI has been sponsoring many needy orphans through its large orphan complex situated in Bhola District; one of the affected areas.

HAI was one of the first charities to respond and provide relief to the victims of this terrible disaster. HAI has already distributed food parcels and blankets in Hazipur and Daultham districts and is distributing emergency relief in Pautukhali and Pathorgata districts.

HAI has allocated £50 000 to help with relief efforts and is launching an Emergency Appeal to raise more funds.

Emergency relief items such as food medication and shelter are the immediate needs for the survivors of this devastating disaster. HAI is also committed in working to rebuild their lives through long-term development projects.

Please donate generously.

£20 will provide blankets for a family

£30 will provide a hygiene kit for a family

£75 will provide food for a family for a month

£150 will help in providing shelter material to rebuild homes

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