Friday Khutbah by Sheikh Omran

Answer to Ameer Ali comments about Prophet (PBUH) and reinterpreting Qur’an.

Islam is not a Nokia Amir Abu Maryem

There is nothing wrong in being modern, thatâ??s if you’re a fan of mobile phones. As times change, they (mobiles) need to be redesigned from shape to size. But religion is not a Nokia. Last week Ameer Ali former head of AFIC outraged Muslims across Australia with his comments about the Prophet s.a.w.s. and the Qur’an. In the article entitled “Prophet not perfect, says Islamic scholar” (The Australian, 04/10/06) written by Richard Kerbaj, he spoke about the “flaws” of the best human ever to walk this earth – prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s., he questioned the veracity of the Qur’an, called for the reinterpretation of it, trivialized Sunnah and so on. With the following article I will examine some of these statements, as well as his ‘so called’ apology. One apology for Muslims and another one for the editor of “The (Un)Australian” newspaper.

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