Action Alert: “reasonable accommodation” of religion and belief in the workplace


 Please urge your MP to sign the Early Day Motion supporting the ?reasonable accommodation? of religion and belief in the workplace

Dear Members,

Selam aleykum,

We have been recently covering stories in the news about religion and the display of religious symbols in the public square, as well as the level of religious discrimination faced by British Muslims as recorded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

You can read about these on these links from the ENGAGE website.

Following cases brought to the European Court of Human Rights by Christian employees on the display of religious symbols in the workplace, the EHRC has intervened to argue in support of a ?reasonable accommodation of religion or belief? in the workplace and in public life.

This intervention has gained the support of MPs who have signed an early day motion sponsored by Gary Streeter MP. The motion states:

?That this House welcomes the decision of the Equality and Human Rights Commission to intervene in support of four cases involving discrimination against Christians that are presently with the European Court of Human Rights; notes that this is a long overdue recognition of the need to defend religious liberty and marks an important development in relation to a better understanding of the role of faith in public life; and further welcomes the Commission’s advocacy for reasonable accommodation in the workplace as an acknowledgement of the place of conscientious objection for those with religious belief.?

In light of many cases of Muslims facing discrimination on grounds of religion in the workplace, and in consideration of the growing number of attacks on Muslims persons and property, we are writing to urge you to contact your local MP and encourage them to sign this early day motion.

Numerous studies, whether the Citizenship Survey done by the Department Communities and Local Government to the Gallup polls on European Muslims, show that Muslims place a great emphasis on their religion and take religion to be an important aspect of their identity.

It is important to respond to the growing levels of anti-Muslim prejudice and the hostility towards expressions of religion in the public sphere by encouraging greater respect for and accommodation of religious belief in our society.

Parliamentarians are now on summer recess and return to Parliament on Monday 5th September.

We would encourage you to contact your local MP during this time and urge to sign the early day motion upon their return from the summer break. Do keep us informed of your progress!