Friday Khutbah (11 June 2010): Piracy at the high seas

Piracy at the high seas

I hope that we will depart, once and for all from the style of something aching and paining and agonizing Muslims, than they go to the mosque, to hear a talk about a ritual or about a dress code or about something that is really. Not what is agonizing them in their hearts and occupying their minds. So this is a step forward and the reason is we consider that the scope of Islam goes beyond the issue of rituals or identity or declarations. The scope of Islam includes life and one of the very central core issues of Islam, is justice. So as a Muslim, you cannot, you should not, escape the fact that it is your duty to deal with injustice whenever it happens and wherever it might be.

If there is a violation of justice by Muslims or by non Muslims, close or far, a Muslim person he or she, cannot consider this politics or this is economy. Injustice is a reason for having religion, Allah in chapter Al-Hadid [57:25] says:

Sahih International

We have already sent Our messengers with clear evidences and sent down with them the Scripture and the balance that the people may maintain [their affairs] in justice. And We sent down iron, wherein is great military might and benefits for the people, and so that Allah may make evident those who support Him and His messengers unseen. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might.

Tafsir al-Jalalayn

We have verily sent Our messengers, the angels, to prophets, with clear signs, with the definitive proofs, and We revealed with them the Scripture and the Balance, justice, so that mankind may uphold justice. And We sent down iron, We caused it to be extracted from mineral ores, wherein is great might, with which one may wage battle, and [many] uses for mankind, and so that God may know, a knowledge of direct vision (li-ya?lama?Ll?hu is a supplement to li-yaq?ma?l-n?su, ?so that mankind may uphold?) those who help Him, by helping [to uphold] His religion through [the use of] instruments of war made of metal and otherwise, and His messengers through the Unseen (bi?l-ghaybi: a circumstantial qualifier referring to the [suffixed pronoun] h??, ?Him?, of yansuruhu, ?[who] aid Him?), that is to say, while He [God] is not seen by them in this world. Ibn ?Abb?s said: ?They help Him even though they do not see Him? (yansur?nahu wa-l? yubsir?nahu). Assuredly God is Strong, Mighty, without any need of being helped, but such [help] benefits those who proffer it.

We have sent down the proofs and the messengers and the scale of balance, all of these, so that people can live their life according to justice & wherever there is justice, there is a manifestation of the ????? of Islam. As Ibn Al Qaim (one of the imminent scholar of Islam) said, where there is justice there is ????? which concludes that if there is no justice, there is no ????? no matter what the banner is, or what the title says, so because it is an issue of major injustice. It automatically becomes an Islamic religious issue for us, the group of British Muslims.

Other groups have also a reason to consider this their issue, but the point I am emphasising is that for Muslims in particular. This is a religious issue as far as we are concerned. Otherwise we will be reducing the religion to something that is not vibrating with life and is not affecting the lives of human beings and we are lead to so that people can establish justice and equity and we should never be confused about that.

Because I am sure that certain times in the  past, people say the Islamic centre is talking politics, this is not politics, we are talking Quran and Quran abhors injustice and considers it, incompatible with being a Muslim. So once there is a manifestation of injustice, we are trigger to formulate a stand or to articulate a statement or to take certain steps to correct it. And even if we cannot do any of that, at least in our hearts, we should abhor it. This is what our religion dictates upon us.

The first step to deal with injustice is to understand it.  If you don’t understand the issue yourself, you will not be able to form a stand that will be fulfilling your conscience as a Muslim person. So we have to understand. If we don’t understand how others will define the issue. They will say what the issue is not us and we will find ourselves sacked into their definitions. They framed the issue for us and we just play inside that frame. This is something that ought not to happen. Because simply our frames are formed by us according to the spirit and the teaching of the Quran and the model of the conduct of prophet Muhammad (??? ???? ???? ????). So we have to understand the issue and the issue should be clear.

About 4 years ago a blockade was imposed on Gaza, because the people of Gaza elected what others consider a bad government. I will not discuss a bad government or good government. This is their business & really not the business of anybody else. But because of that, an illegal blockade has been imposed on those people.

The second thing, is a collective punishment which is against all religions and all international laws, have been inflicting the civilians, the children, the innocent people of Gaza because of that blockade. In all civilized legal systems, collective punishment is illegal and should not happen. It is against the wisdom of Allah who create it life and it should not be this way.

Thirdly, there was a military attack on Gaza that demolish everything. This stands now, up to this moment I am speaking. It is the only mass destruction that have not been seriously remedied it. Even in a steps, we have Katrina, we remedied it. We have Tsunami, good effort  to correct the damage of the Tsunami. We have the oil spill, everybody is running to contain the oil spill. We have Gaza nobody dares to say, it must be remedied up to this moment and this is unique.

We Muslims have to understand that, because when they frame this issue for us, they will not frame it like that. But we frame it like that. This is the only mass destruction that no serious steps have been taken to reconstruct. So the people are still besieged and suffering because of the blockade.

They say we don’t want let materials for reconstruction to enter Gaza because it can be used to make bombs. Such outrageous and ridiculous statement passes. Because any material can be used to make bombs, matches, needles, pins, concrete, fertilizer. So what is left, they are saying we make those people starve to death or to surrender under that framing material that can be used to make weapon to be used by terrorists.

The continuity of the suffering doesn’t seem to be bothering the official world a lot. But it bothered some decent human beings. So those decent human beings got together and said we cannot sit idle like that. Let us take food, medicine and made ship houses. No matter what the consequences are. There were several trials, the Flotilla was the last one.

500 activists who are civilians, all of them, one of them is a Holocaust survivor, two of them are Christian bishops and Muslims, Jews, Christians, old and young, man and women. In other words a sample of humanity. This is not a group of religion. This is a sample of civilized humanity, decided to do what  a wise human beings should do. So they take on sea, in peace, to go to offer the help. They said we cannot live with clear conscience with this tragedy going on.

In the middle of the night and in international water, in high sea they were attacked by special forces. Those are the commanders and the helicopters and guns. More than ten were killed. More than fifty were wounded and rest of them were detained, deported, interrogated, insulted. Then, their majesty  the government of Israel decided to release them in group after group. We don’t know really the real number, but this is very important in framing.

You are celebrating that you release people that you shouldn’t have arrested them at the first place but the world swallow this false logic. It is very humiliating, if I captured me and said congratulation we are going to release you, very merciful nation indeed. This is exactly what happened. Then we look into the reaction to that event and reaction actually is more maddening than the event itself.

I want to say loud and clear that the only government that deserves honour and respect is the Turkish government. In my capacity I never praise or criticize governments, because I didn’t find the government that deserve respect. But the stand of the Turkish government, now ought to be celebrated, respected and acknowledged.

The Arab governments, I have no comments because the language I can use is not suitable for a Friday prayer. The most deserving of blame is the government of USA, because: 1) they squeezed the security council  to delete two important words, condemn, it was replaced by we feel sorry for, and deleted the word independent investigating the body, it was replaced by the word transparent investigation. In other words, Israel should investigate the event. In other words Al kaboun should investigate the Mafia. This is exactly what it is. We are the only ones we can say that, so don’t underestimate the value of your voice to America now, otherwise it will be stark.

The government of Israel came with unbelievable statements from Mr Netanyahu,  saying that, small Israel has to deal with the hypocrisy of the world, which is actually, the world has to put up with the arrogance and hypocrisy of Israel.

Our government collect tax from me and you, is still financing a criminal regime that violates every western value. It is a moment of history that is important. The west has to make a tough choice  to be the body guard of Israel or the leader of the civilized world. They have to hear that voice from us.

Whoever is not thankful to people, he is not thankful to Allah, Deputy Prime minister Nick Clegg has told Israel to lift its unjustifiable and untenable blockade on the Gaza strip asap.

[Second speech]

Prophet Muhammad (??? ???? ???? ????) was known even before being prophet (??? ????? ????) a person who bears the burden of other people (? ???? ???????). You go for those who are not able to earn for themselves (???? ??? ????? ????). You rush to the help of those in distress, in calamity, in tragedy.

So what we are supposed to do, as I said, first is to understand, second is to explain. Explain to everybody you can reach, speak to MP, neighbours. Third is to refute. So understand, explain and refute.

We have to refute the arguments that the propaganda machine is throwing into the British market now. A huge propaganda machine, that are trying to look it equivalent those also on the ship soldiers with  special force. Who is agitated by a pipe or a stick and you are talking about the mightiness of the Israel force and the whole world.

We have to refute that, we have to insist that I am not saying you are a liar, let us have independent investigation. That truth shall set you free as the bible says.

Let us know the truth, independent investigation, not by the state of Israel, more important that you live in different areas, go to your representatives. Tell him or her, we are citizens, we are asking you to ask the higher. Because they will tell you this is beyond my jurisdiction. Your council man then you talk to the governor and ask the governor to talk to the president.

I am not asking to make miracles because you always hide behind that, but you may complain as a citizen to a higher level.

Second our demand is independent investigation. We want independent investigation, so that we know the truth. They have to know that we are not swallowing the issue the way they framed it. So we many citizen but it is that is our destiny because it is the dictate of our religion.

The last thing I would say, in each area we have a local papers. We know that the Mass Media is controlled, nonetheless we keep struggling to penetrate it every now and then. We succeed, but your local media is not that controlled. Where ever you are there is a paper, a telephone number and say we are people who live here want to meet with the editorial board. You go with that meeting with two facts. We feel severe pain that what is said is not remedying it. So we demand an independent investigation in what we consider a huge crime. If we do that consistently and I hope that all the 50 Mosques  are talking about that now. We can have a critical mess that can might to the for the & debt.

Remember, we are suppose to do what we have to do. The result is under the control of the most capable, most in command, Allah. Do our part and we say O Allah we are use, so we don’t inhabit ourselves by saying, it doesn’t happen. We have been saying that and we keep saying that, until the last breath. We keep saying that because Allah has his ways and when Allah tests us for our sincerity and our devotion, he supplies (? ???? ???? ??? ????).