5 Year Intensive Programme delivered by the instructors of AlKauthar

AlKauthar Students Guild

Ever wanted to study abroad but circumstances wouldn?t allow?

Always wanted to be at the feet of scholars but haven?t had access to any?

Need some help and guidance to structure your Islamic learning?

Then join us in traversing a path leading you to the heart of knowledge


  • Develop and nurture students into exceptional students of knowledge through an intensive, comprehensive program of online study
  • Empower students with knowledge and tools to teach, enabling them to deliver effectively to a wider audience
  • Create an umbrella source of advisors whom the public can rely on for Islamic guidance and consultancy in a wide range of areas


  • Four 10 week semesters per year
  • Intensive weekly pre-recorded/live video sessions
  • Exams, assignments, tasks and tutor review
  • Direct access to teacher through modern communication medium
  • Study Islam in a classical context using classical books

IN-DEPTH syllabus covering the following areas:

  • Fiqh l?Hadith
  • ?Aqeedah
  • Comparetive Fiqh
  • Usool l?Fiqh
  • Sciences of Hadith
  • Tafseer
  • Hifdh l?Qur?an
  • Arabic Languaage

Enter the doors to a wealth of knowledge

Who can apply?

  • Anyone who has attended/enrolled onto at least 3 AlKauthar courses is eligible to apply for the StudentsGuild
  • Once the entry exam is successfully passed, a selection of top students’ will be given an invitation to be part of the Students’ Guild
  • As member of the StudentsGuild you will be expected to attend a minimum of 3 courses per year PLUS any courses that our tutors deem compulsory
  • Students will be expected to remain in the UK for the duration of the programme

How can you apply?

  • Application for the Students’ Guild is through registering for the entry exam
  • To register for the exam, please send an email directly to [email protected] requesting an entry exam registration form

When can you apply?

  • You can apply now
  • Deadline to register for the exam is: Monday 22nd February 2010

An opportunity not to be missed by ANY student!

To request an application form to register for the entry exam send an email to [email protected] by

Deadline for Application Forms: Monday 22nd February 2010
Entry Exam Date: Saturday 27th February 2010
Programme Start Date: Monday 5th April 2010