The Real Deal: Get rich this world and hearafter

The Real Deal“And Allah has permitted trade, but forbidden riba” [AlBaqarah: 275]

One of the most difficult and confusing issues to Muslims now a days are the matters pertaining to the rulings of buying and selling. With trade and commerce having expanded with such rapid force, many are searching for what Islam has to say about it all. Of recent, a surge in global Islamic finance and the renewed interest in Shariah business law – requires us to understand the basic principles upon which Islam bases its ruling.

In this course, you will be introduced to:

  • The fiqh of Commerce in Shariah
  • Transactions and their classifications
  • Forbidden contracts and their understanding
  • The correct understanding and application of Riba
  • Understand heylah and how to detect it
  • Understand how the element of uncertainity may affect the validity of a transaction
  • Principles of halal investment
  • Manners of a Muslim businessman
  • Comparisons between Western commercial law and Shariah business law
  • Discussion of tens of the most popular modern business transactions – everything from credit cards, road side assistance, pyramind schemes, ebay, unlimited downloads, no deposit lay-bys, cash back policies, modern Islamic mortgages and investments in bonds, stocks and metals, laws on business and intellectual property, franchising..
  • Discussion of sample contracts from Islamic financial institutions
  • A preliminary study of how to Islamize large scale economic policies and ensure smooth transition to a riba free economy.

“I have never attended a more beneficial lecture. It just blew away my mind!” [Quote from a student]

These series of lectures are best sellers world wide. This particular course goes into much more detail than the lessons that may be available in the market under the title: “Halal and Haram of Business Transactions”, so even if you have seen that DVD, you still need to attend this course to gain full and maximum benefit.

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