The Global Peace And Unity Event (24th & 25th November 2007) at Excel London

The Global Peace & Unity Event – a family oriented extravaganza which is entertaining, educational and full of activities. This event includes high profile international speakers and celebrity guests and features an array of entertainment from live performance to the grand exhibition of the two holy mosques.


Other highlights of this spectacular event include: a vibrant souk area, various exhibitors from around the world, international cuisine, a selection of workshops and seminars, kids area full of activities, competitions and lots more.

The Global Peace & Unity Event is designed exclusively to provide an uplifting exchange both educational and entertaining underpinned with strong messages promoting global cohesion across all communities. The content, the activities and the diverse gathering, all come together to create a rich and challenging environment in pursuit of the goal of global peace and respect for all communities.

The annual Global Peace & Unity Event has been successful in bringing together various International speakers and performers from all backgrounds to share the GPU platform and promote the global message of understanding and bridge building for a better future.

This family event also seeks to break barriers and build bridges between the variety of cultures and groups that follow the Islamic faith, as well as with other communities with whom we share our space.

The Global Peace And Unity Event (24th & 25th November 2007) at Excel London